97. Broccoli Shrimp $12.00
98. Shrimp with Green Pepper & Tomato $12.00
99. Shrimp with Chinese Mixed Vegetables $12.00
100. Shrimp with Snow Peas $12.00
101. Shrimp with Lobster Sauce $12.00
102. Shrimp Tempura $9.95
103. Butterfly Shrimp $12.50 (fresh jumbo shrimp, pressed with bacon, pan broiled and  served with celery sauce)
104. Sum Gop Tai $13.50 (combination of choice lobster meat, white meat chicken and roast pork prepared with choice vegetables)
105. Subgum Fried Wonton $13.95 (fresh lobster meat, barbecued pork and chicken cooked thoroughly with bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and bok toy served with crisp fried wonton)
106. Choy Hoy Shing $15.95 (Combination of fresh lobster meat, scallops, sauteed jumbo shrimp, mushrooms and Chinese vegetables)
107. Choy Har Kew $11.95 (shrimp meat fried in a deep batter with mushrooms, fresh lobster meat, and Chinese greens sauteed with oyster sauce)
108. Lobster Gai Kew $9.95(chunks of tender chicken smothered in mushrooms, fresh lobster meat and Chinese greens, sauteed with oyster sauce)
109. Triple Delight $12.95 (chicken, scallops, shrimps, sauteed with mixed vegetables)
110. Lobster Ding $17.50 (diced lobster meat blended with crisp diced Chinese vegetables, topped with toasted almonds)
112. Four Season $12.95
113. Sesame Shrimp $11.95
114. Walnut Shrimp $11.95
115. General Tso’s Shrimp $11.95
Seafood Chow Mein Hong Kong $16.95
Beef Chow Mein Hong Kong Style $12.95
Chicken Chow Mein Hong Kong Style $12.95